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The Legacy of William C. Friday

The work of the respected university leader known for his national leadership in higher education and his ability to resolve conflict during turbulent times.

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  1. William C. Friday (1920- ) and John F. Kennedy (1917-1963) in 1961
  2. Friday in his Navy uniform, 1942
  3. William Friday, Ida Friday, and Frank Porter Graham, 1949, at Graham's swearing-in as a U.S.Senator
  4. Friday with Governor Luther Hodges
  5. 1957 Men's Basketball Team, National Champions
  6. Frank McGuire (1916-1994) with the 1961 Men's Basketball Team
  7. Leroy Frasier, John Lewis Brandon, and Ralph Frasier (left to right), all from Durham, North Carolina, on the steps of South Building after completing court-ordered registration in September 1955.
  8. Friday with Carolina Chancellor Robert B. House (1892-1987) and William Brantley Aycock (1915- ), Chancellor from 1957 to 1964
  9. Friday at Speaker Ban Hearings in Raleigh
  10. Wilkinson addressing crowd from behind wall on Franklin Street
  11. Paul Dickson, III, student body president, 1965-1966
  12. Preston Dobbins, left, and Reggie Hawkins, right
  13. Police around Lenoir Hall
  14. Antiwar Demonstration, May 17, 1970, after the Kent State shootings
  15. William C. Friday
  16. Friday and Robert W. Scott (1929- )
  17. Friday with faculty member Ovid Pierce (1910-1988) and Leo Jenkins (1913-1989), 1973
  18. Julius L. Chambers (1936- ) Chancellor of North Carolina Central University, 1991-2000, and current Director, Civil Rights Center, UNC School of Law
  19. Carnegie Commission on the Future of Higher Education, 1968
  20. Friday with President John F. Kennedy, University Day, 1961

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