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Public Art at Carolina

A sampling of the monuments, sculptures, paintings, and other pieces of public art that can be discovered on the Carolina campus.

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  1. Birds
  2. Collaborative Collage
  3. Landscape [Green/Violet]
  4. Landscape [Blue/Red]
  5. Message Horn
  6. Killer Tomatoes
  7. Parade of Humanity
  8. Laying the Cornerstone of Old East
  9. Conversation
  10. Memorial to Founding Trustees
  11. Gargoyles and Stephen Langton (13th-Century Archbishop of Canterbury)
  12. Joseph Caldwell Monument
  13. Unsung Founders, Bond and Free
  14. Confederate Monument (a.k.a. Silent Sam)
  15. Morehead Sundial
  16. James K. Polk
  17. Susan Williams Graham Memorial
  18. Coker Arboretum Wisteria Arbor and Gathering Circle
  19. Carolina Alumni Memorial in Memory of Those Lost in Military Service
  20. Eve Carson Memorial Butterfly Bench
  21. Student Body
  22. Printers' Devices
  23. Thomas Wolfe Memorial
  24. Paul Wellstone Memorial Garden
  25. Carolina Union "Cubes"
  26. The Gift
  27. Critters
  28. Earthcasts
  29. On Our Way
  30. Evolution
  31. Thinking Outside the Box II
  32. As-Salaam
  33. Rhodes Scholar
  34. Journey of Knowledge (left) and Rouge De La Rouge (right)
  35. Archaeological Collection
  36. Bicentennial Mural
  37. Charlie "Choo Choo" Justice
  38. The Ram
  39. Sky Dancing
  40. 9/11 Memorial Garden
  41. Belk Track Statues: The Javelin Thrower, The Hurdler, The Finish Line
  42. Murals of North Carolina
  43. Original Joseph Caldwell Monument
  44. Archetypal Gateway
  45. Nan Kirby Gressman Art Collection
  46. Mother of the Dispossessed
  47. Who We Are
  48. Memorial to Cheryl "Sparkie" Alexander
  49. Untitled [Floor/Terrazzo]
  50. Hygeia's Stream
  51. North Carolina Children's Hospital
  52. Brushes With Life Art Gallery
  53. Untitled [Window]

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