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Susan Williams Graham Memorial

Dan Koster

Artist  Roger Noble Burnham, c. 1916
Medium  Granite
Location  Coker Arboretum near Morehead Planetarium

In the days when horses, mules, and carriages were the chief means of transportation, a well and an oak trough existed near the Methodist Church on Franklin Street, providing drinking water to people and animals. When Susan Williams Moses Graham, wife of UNC President Edward Kidder Graham, died at the age of 34, her husband and friends replaced the well and trough with this granite memorial fountain. The street side displayed a carved relief of a woman pouring water from a jug. The inscription on this side reads "To keep fresh the memory of Susan Williams Graham," while the other side reads "The waters of truth flow freely, drink when and where you may." In 1956, the memorial was moved to its current location at the edge of Coker Arboretum near Morehead Planetarium.