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Student Organizations

A look at some of the student organizations that have shaped student life and influenced the history of the university, including debating societies, student government, activist organizations, performance groups, honor societies, and Greek organizations.

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  1. The Debating Society
  2. The Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies
  3. Student Government
  4. The Campus Y
  5. Women's University Club
  6. Black Student Movement and Black Ink
  7. Chapel Hill Revolutionary Movement
  8. Minority Student Caucus
  9. Carolina Gay Association
  10. County Clubs and the Cuban Club
  11. The Arab Students Club
  12. Carolina Indian Circle
  13. Carolina Hispanic Association
  14. Asian Student Association & Sangam
  15. The Amphoterothen Society
  16. Order of the Golden Fleece
  17. The Ugly Club
  18. The Order of Gimghoul
  19. The University Club
  20. The German Club
  21. Early Greek Organizations
  22. Greek Organizations, 1910s-1920s
  23. Greek Organizations, 1970 to the Present
  24. The Mandolin Club
  25. The University of North Carolina Band
  26. Carolina Playmakers
  27. Opeyo and BSM Gospel Choir
  28. Loreleis and Clef Hangers

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