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Water at UNC-Chapel Hill

From the "abundance of springs" described by founder William R. Davie to the conservation efforts of today, water has always been an important part of life on the UNC campus. This exhibit, inspired by the university's two-year "Water in Our World" theme, explores the role of water in UNC history.

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  1. "The Abundance of Springs"
  2. Water and Campus Development
  3. Meeting of the Waters Creek
  4. Morgan and Bolin Creeks
  5. The Old Well
  6. Smith Hall
  7. Bynum Gymnasium
  8. Susan Graham Memorial Fountain
  9. University Lake
  10. Bowman Gray and Kessing Pools and Koury Natatorium
  11. Droughts, 1960s-1970s
  12. Manning Drive Water Tower
  13. Institute of Marine Sciences
  14. Cane Creek Reservoir
  15. Fordham Fountain
  16. Chapman Hall Wave Tank
  17. Water Institute
  18. FedEx Global Education Center
  19. Bell Tower Project
  20. Rowing

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