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The Foundations

Black Student Movement Members Desk The Foundations of the Black Student Movement

Throughout the Black Student Movement's (BSM) history at UNC, the organization has brought to the forefront issues important to African Americans that might not have otherwise garnered attention. According to the BSM's constitution, its main goals are "continued existence of the unity among all its members, to voice the concerns and grievances of its members to the University, to offer outlets for expressing Black ideals and culture, and finally, to insure that the Black Student Movement members never lose contact with the Black community." 

From the beginning, the BSM cultivated strong ties to the surrounding African American community through various outreach programs. They have also acted as a watchdog for UNC's African American students at times when the needs of these students, faculty, and staff might have been forgotten or ignored. What began with several dozen students grew into one of the largest student organizations on campus.

-- Photos: (left) 1973 Yackety Yack, p. 122; (right) 1979 Yackety Yack, p. 193