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The Asian American Student Experience


Asian American students at UNC now represent the largest non-white ethnic group on campus. This exhibit traces the history of Asian American students at UNC, from a lone Thai-American student in the 1870s to a rapidly-growing community in the 1990s and 2000s. The exhibit is based on research by Dr. Heidi Kim for a talk she delivered at Wilson Library during Asia Week in 2016.

The Black Student Movement at Carolina

Throughout the more than four decades of the Black Student Movement's existence, the organization has brought to the forefront issues important to African American students at UNC.

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The Civil War Years

Campus debates about slavery and secession and the military experience of students and faculty who fought in the Civil War.

The Legacy of William C. Friday

The work of the respected university leader known for his national leadership in higher education and his ability to resolve conflict during turbulent times.

The New South

Late nineteenth-century efforts to move the university beyond sectional disputes with a new mission and a new curriculum, designed to drive industrial development, urban growth, and educational progress.

The Speaker Ban Law at Carolina

On June 25, 1963, the North Carolina General Assembly passed "An Act to Regulate Visiting Speakers at State Supported Colleges and Universities," otherwise known as the Speaker Ban Law. This exhibit traces the history of the Speaker Ban Law and the efforts of UNC students, administrators, and faculty to fight this law and preserve freedom of speech and freedom of inquiry.

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The University in Crisis: The Great Depression and World War II

Effects of the Great Depression and World War II on the university including severe budget cuts, consolidation of the state’s public universities, military training on campus, and the G.I. Bill.

Women and Coeducation

Women's progress from a marginal to a central role in campus life and the achievements of the university's first female students, faculty, and administrators.

Women in the Early Years

Women's efforts to support and advance the university's mission, work that began long before the first female students were admitted.