The Virtual Museum of University History was created with the support of the Office of the Chancellor. The website was originally launched in 2006 as a collaboration between The UNC Center for the Study of the American South, the University History Council, and The University Library.

The Virtual Museum is currently hosted by the University Library and maintained by the University Archives.


Contact the University Archives at or 919-962-0043 with questions about The Carolina Story.


Many UNC staff members and students have worked on The Carolina Story since it was first published in 2006, including:

Mary Katherine Barnes
Jennifer Coggins
Annette Cox
Emma Cryer
Cliff Dyer
Stephen Fletcher
Nicholas Graham
Pamela Hamilton
Andy Jackson
Linda Jacobson
Jennifer Krause
Debra Kurtz
Keith Longiotti
Jennifer Merriman
Mike Millner
Kenneth Reed
Bill Richards
Jill Sexton
Tim Shearer
Fred Stipe
Elizabeth Stockton
Jason Tomberlin
Matt Zacharias