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Jewish Life at Carolina

Experience of Jews on campus including refugee scholars, student political activists, anti-Semitism, and the role of President Frank Porter Graham.

Medical and Health Education

The expansion of professional health training from small, semi-private programs to a sophisticated health affairs complex at the heart of the educational mission of the university and the health care system of the state.

Names Across the Landscape

The stories of the individuals for whom some of the university's historic buildings are named.

Public Service and Professional Schools at Carolina

Creation of professional schools beginning with law, medicine, and pharmacy in the nineteenth century and the emergence of the modern public service ethos shaped by President Edward Kidder Graham.


The university's struggles to survive in the aftermath of the Civil War and its role in the racial and political conflicts that swept the state and the region during that era.

Slavery and the University

The roles of African American slaves in early university life, from constructing the physical campus to serving students and faculty.

Student Life at Carolina, 1890-1960

A look at the changing student experience from 1890 to 1960, including the growth and transformation of the student body, the development of the university’s athletic teams, and the importance of the campus social scene.

Teachers, Scholars, and Citizens: Distinguished Carolina Faculty

An exhibit showcasing a few of Carolina's prominent faculty members, including brief biographical sketches, their contributions to society and scholarship, and the recognitions and awards they have received.