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Carolina Story: Virtual Museum of University History

Bynum Gymnasium

Bynum Gymnasium was built in 1904, and was a gift from Judge William Preston Bynum in memory of his grandson, a UNC student who died of typhoid in 1892 at the end of his sophomore year. A popular feature of the facility was its indoor pool. So many used the gym facility, especially the pool, that the university had to upgrade its hot water system. Often 150 to 200 students, required to shower before and after swimming, would shower each afternoon, but only the first 75 would be able to use hot water. Two boilers were added in 1905, resolving the problem. The pool was closed in 1924 due to an inadequate filtration system. The space was used as a workshop for the Carolina Playmakers until 1939, when Bynum was remodeled into office space.

Today, a copy of the image on the left hangs in Bynum, but drawn-on swimsuits have been added to the swimmers.