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Carolina Story: Virtual Museum of University History

Lowry Caudill (b. 1957) (center-right) and Susan Caudill (b. 1958) (right) with James Moeser (center left) and Holden Thorp (left) and Caudill Labs

The university dedicated a new building for chemistry in 2007 and named it in honor of W. Lowry and Susan S. Caudill. Both Caudills graduated from Carolina, Lowry in 1979 with a degree in chemistry and Susan in 1980 with a degree in pharmacy. Lowry Caudill earned his doctorate from Indiana University but returned to North Carolina, where he was one of the two scientists who created Magellan Laboratories, a pharmaceutical development company based in Research Triangle Park. Founded in 1991, it grew to over six-hundred employees before it was sold to Cardinal Health in 2002.