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Carolina Story: Virtual Museum of University History

The YMCA Building

Completed in 1907 as a home for student religious activities, the YMCA Building was renovated extensively and reopened in 2007. Designed by architect Frank Milburn, the building originally contained a library/reading room, editorial rooms, a general social meeting place for students, classrooms for Bible study, and an auditorium for association meetings. The YMCA first appeared on campus in 1859 and sought to inspire students to devote their lives to Christianity in both religious and secular pursuits. From its earliest days, it encouraged students to volunteer in the community. On many Sunday afternoons, members of the YMCA walked to nearby churches and schools to conduct Bible studies for community members. A YWCA formed in the 1935 and merged with its male counterpart in 1963. No longer formally linked to the YMCA, the Campus Y has sponsored student activities for social justice, improved race relations, and world peace since the 1960s.